About Us

Bright Commodities is a leading importer of nutritional and health related products and supplements. We are official authorised importer for Optimum Nutrition and Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition products in India across all channels.

Bright Commodities is appointed as an authorised importer for Ultimate Nutrition products in India.

With a pan-India reach and seven warehouses spread across the country, we have a large distribution network.

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Changing lifestyle habits and progressive choices are making the Indian populace embrace a better and healthy life. People are interested in spending their wealth on health supplements and nutrition products. The health industry in the country is growing. However, this growth is also giving rise to the increase of adulterated nutritional products and health supplements in the country. At Bright Commodities, we aim to make genuine products and quality supplements available to all. Our team of experts have valuable experience in the import business and we like to use our expertise to flood the market with genuine and quality products that are beneficial to people, as health products should be.




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