Lead a fuller life. Empower yourself to be healthy.

With a growing team of more than 75 people, Bright Commodities is an amalgamation of diverse people with the common objective of making genuine nutrition and health products available to all.

We are a passionate lot who lead by example. By practising what we preach, we are the ambassadors of our own brand – a healthy life.

Leading brands choose us as their preferred distributors owing to our commitment to genuinity and focus, giving our team to work in a global environment.

By working with us you will get to further your professional goals and develop skills required to excel. You get to work alongside our leaders and benefit from a hands-on approach.

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Why work with us


- Channel Manager
- Sales Head
- Call Center Specialist
- eCommerce Manager


- Nature to innovate
- Fair compensation
- Challenge / Inspire employees
- Continuous call to creativity


- Higher Standards
- Uncompromising Quality
- Customer Satisfaction
- Good Manufacturing Practices


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Become an advocator of good health. Be a part of a passionate team and work in a global culture.