Vision & Mission


By freeing the business from the regressive hands of the grey market and allowing customers to buy genuine products from a reputed and registered importer and distributor, we have digitally transformed the supplements and nutrition market and made it more efficient. Our manufacturers can get a real-time analysis of their sales and analyze their business capabilities to be future-ready. We aspire to build a world that makes healthier choices by consuming the right products. Through making health products and fitness supplements easily available, we hope to make a difference in the lives of many.


By teaming with only the best in the industry and selling quality products, we have made nutrition and health supplements available to all. We are partners with global brands such as BSN and ON & ULTIMATE NUTRTION, which further goes onto highlight our credibility. As a leading distribution partner that has a pan-India presence, making genuine health products and nutritional supplements available to all with ease is something we pride ourselves with. A strong online presence backed by a passionate team and a thorough belief that the future is bright, underlines everything we do.


We believe in complete transparency, only then can we sell quality and genuine products that are free from adulteration.


We are customer-driven with whatever we do, be it with our product offerings or our distribution partners.


We are focused on delivering only the best products, and we partner with leading manufacturers to get you the best.


We are driven by the common will to lead health lives and empower people to lead healthier lives.


We go the extra mile, so that our customers and partners benefit from our goodwill.


Connect for Distributorship

Bright Commodities is considering all possible sales channel to service our end consumers better –wholesale, retail, online, gyms, pharmacies and specialty stores.